Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The First Week

So....we're finally in. Its been a lot of work, a lot of envisioning, but now that there are real, live humans inhabiting the space, I think its come to life a little bit. Throwing together the opening event was a lot of work, and it became apparent to me very quickly just how much the 19 of us are capable of doing when working together. The event was a great success thanks to everyone's hard work, and I look forward to seeing that sort of potential being realized in more concrete ways. Firstly, with the removal of that f*$^ing vending machine. 

I hope everyone feels good about their jobs and starts thinking about ways to make them useful. Go crazy! Take some initiative! Make the position dynamic and interesting so that the people who come after you are inspired to follow. We could really do a lot to this house this term if people aren't afraid to do it. 

Hope everyone is well, and a special thanks to Kate for maintaining the website and blog and what-not...my parents saw the pictures of the event online tonight and called me (lovingly) a "hippie" for wearing sandals with my dress shirt. Oh, parents.

SLC Love

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